Put the tofu pieces, half of the finely sliced red onion, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar & Tabasco in a bowl, combine and pop into the fridge allowing the tofu to marinade.

Chop the celery and red pepper into bite size pieces. Toss together in a salad bowl with the salad leaves, olives (whole) & remaining red onion. Cut the ends of the runner beans off and steam for around 5 minutes. Once cooked, add them to the celery, onion & pepper.

If you haven’t already made the mayo, use a bowl with high sides to save any mess being made. Put all ingredients (basil leaves, garlic, soya milk, oil & mustard) in your high sided dish and use a hand blender to for around 30 seconds- this should leave you with a beautifully thick consistency. Season to taste & set aside.

On a high heat, fry your marinated tofu pieces. You want the tofu to absorb the lemon juice and oil whilst cooking, leaving the tofu pieces slightly crispy and golden.

Lay your salad into your Tupperware or plate, lay tofu pieces on top and finish with a big dollop (or 2) of the creamy ‘vayo’. Enjoy!