Start cooking the quinoa as per packet instructions.

You want to ‘glue’ two Nori sheets together to make one large square. Use the hummus to do this, using the back of spoon, spread it thinly & evenly down the side, around 2cm thick. Place the second sheet over the top & press down, so you have one large Nori square. Repeat with the 3rd & 4th sheet.

Add a little more hummus to the ‘wrap’. You will be folding it into a trianglular shape so bare that in mind. Keep all ingredients in the centre, reaching up to the right hand corner.

Once the quinoa is cooked, drain & mix with the soy sauce-place on top of hummus. Add the avocado, cucumber & carrot & drizzle some sriracha mayo on top.

Fold the sheet over to create a wrap & use the sriracha mayo as a glue to fix the seaweed sheets in place.