Dress your halved lettuce heads with a little olive oil, salt, tahini, red wine vinegar & parsley. On the same baking tray add a couple of previously roasted red pepper slices from the jar. Put them under the grill on a medium heat.

Pop the spiralised courgette into a saucepan with coconut/olive oil and some chopped garlic. In a separate pan, begin to cook your ‘kebab pieces’.

Keep an eye on the courgetti & stir often. Mix together the Greek yogurt, date syrup & curry powder with a little salt & pepper. Set aside.

After 5 minutes, if the lettuce is beginning to brown and produce a lovely smell, quickly flip them & the roasted red peppers. Pop under the grill for another 5 minutes.

Once the lettuce & peppers are done, remove from grill & pour courgetti onto plate. Place the lettuce on top & slice the peppers up into strips. Dot them around the plate. Finish off with the oomph pieces on top of the lettuce, a generous dollop of curry yogurt & sprinkle some cashew nuts & goji berries on top.