Pre heat oven to 180. Cover cashews in warm water & set aside. In a little oil, lightly fry onion, mushrooms & garlic. 5-7 minutes later, add the red wine vinegar & stir. Pop the fries into the oven with a little olive oil for 25 minutes.

Add the stock cube to the mushroom & onions & 100ml boiling water, keep on a low heat. Use the remaining water to mix with the cornflour in a seperate bowl, whisk well & pour into gravy.

Put all ingredients for cashew cheese in a food processor. Whiz sporadically for about 20 seconds. If you’d like it a little creamier, add water. Set aside.

In a seperate pan on a low heat, add a drizzle of olive oil & fry the kale. Take the gravy off the heat and Use a liquid blender to create a thick & smooth consistency.

Once the sweet potato is cooked, pour over gravy, spoon the cashew cheese on top & finish with the kale, spring onions & chive!